RIPT90: My Experience

I’ve decided to use this blog as a way to chart my exercise progress.  I bought tript90-imagehe RIPT90 program about a year ago because it was an amazing price (~$30) and I figured even if it sucked, at least I didn’t spend a lot and could tweak it to fit my goals.  I did it for 30 days but had to stop because I felt it was too repetitive and it had a tremendous amount of squats that aggravated a preexisting ankle issue I had.  Still, I liked the program and the trainer (Jody Hendrix) and planned to go back to it at some point.

Over the past year, I did Tony Horton’s 22 Minute Hard Corps and various Jessica Smith workouts, both her YouTube videos and DVDs, but decided it was time to retry RIPT90 so I started back up a few days ago.

For an excellent review of the program and more information on the workouts, I recommend visiting the blog 2 Lazy 4 the Gym.

I’ve been following the workout calendar since I started, but since Chest Shredder and Metabolic Mania work on similar areas (upper body), I’m going to do Leg Overhaul instead today.  I’m just too sore to do more upper body today!